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Jolla Sailfish Launcher For Android (alpha) Updated To V0.2.1 |WORK|

Jolla Sailfish Launcher For Android (alpha) Updated To V0.2.1 🟣
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Jolla Sailfish Launcher for Android (alpha) updated to v0.5.2
Release: 12/12/2015 Size: 8.91 MB
Review and comparison of the program for taking screenshots from the smartphone screen on Android.
Overview: On December 12, 2015, the beta version of WonderSnap for Android device was released.
Finally, we are waiting for the next build release for SailFish Laurentius!
This version is very relevant, especially for those who are preparing their own project for Android running Widows Phone OS. This assembly is all the more relevant because it contains working skins reminiscent of Sail Fish Launch.
Start with the installation, which, by the way, is also not very difficult. The list of installations is presented here.
You will also need an editorial unpacker. We did not carry anything to the masses, so the unpacking goes directly to the most convenient place on your device.
The package contains a number of programs:
- a program similar to the Sail program, which allows you to connect your phone to a PC via a regular USB interface (Cable) or via a Wi-Fi network.
- a utility for working with the SD card of your device (installing the application according to the same principle as from a USB flash drive).
- download manager (and view installed system files).
And the last nice bonus is a swipe check with the official website of the phone manufacturer.
Appearance and transparency:
The new body-plate is made on the basis of thin steel plates, which makes it even more elegant and lighter. The smartphone has become a little longer than its predecessor. The underside has become textured, which emphasizes the vertical shape. The front of the smartphone is framed by 2 rubber "eyes" that allow you to look at the smartphone screen from different angles.
The main keys look like this:
In this regard, the device seems to be a little larger than its "big brother". It has a slightly sloping rectangular body with large buttons. The central part, which cannot boast of a beautiful design, has a matrix in which black and silver stripes alternate. By the way, I used to wonder why the Sail developers made the matte black surface of the case. Maybe it serves as a kind of calming and anti-shock factor.
At the bottom is a slot for microSD memory cards, where you will store your photos and videos. f02ee7bd2b